Statie digitala DVB-C


MST 1103 MPEG-2 5IN1 encoder (4 AV + ASI in and ASI out)


  Specificatii tehnice
Input ASI – TS, DVB standard
Semnal video – LEV 1.0Vp-p
S-Video – LEV 0.28Vp-p
IP data – Network RJ-45 10/100 base-TX
Output ASI – 2 ASI/TS DVB standard ,BNC port
IP – IP/UDP (TS over IP), unicast(MPTS)/multicast(MPTS,SPTS)
Bitrate 1 to 20Mbps(4:2:0) per channel
Control NMS(Ethernet Port),Keyboard+LCD

Codare video 4:2:0 Encoding H.264 HP@L4 MP@L3
H264 Adaptive Field Frame (AFF)
H264 field based (FB)
FULL HD(1920*1080*60i/50i, 1280*720*60p/50p)
Rezolutie PAL



Putere 220VAC(-+10%), 50Hz, consum 25W

MST 1115 4 HDMI h264 HD Encoder


MST 4164 4in1 ASI MUX-Scrambler QAM Modulator(5 ASI IN,4 RF out

  Specificatii tehnice
Input 4 HDMI input
Output Audio Signal – LEV 2Vp-p
ASI – DVB standard,BNC
Bitrate 1.0~15Mbps, cu ajustare continua pe fiecare canal
Control NMS(Ethernet Port),Keyboard+LCD

Codare video In conformitate cu ISO 11172(MPEG-1)&ISO 13818(MPEG-2)
MPEG-2 coding adopt MP@ML (4:2:0)
MPEG-2 Adaptive Field Frame (AFF)
MPEG-2 field based (FB)
Putere 220VAC(-+10%), 50Hz, consum 25W


  Specificatii tehnice
Modulatie 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 1024 QAM
Symbol Rate 1~7Mbaud/s
Input ASI in BNC
Output Transponder1 – frecventa

Transponder2 – frecventa+8mhz

Transponder3 – frecventa+16mhz

Transponder4 – frecventa+24mhz

Multiplexer De la 4 ASI in la 4 qam channels
Scrambler Destinat pentru 4 CAS/SMS;
Head-end DVB SimulCrypt(ETSI TS 103 197 V1.4.1)
Frecventa RF 47MHz~870MHz
Iesire LEV 85-105dBmV
Impedanta 75 Ω
Pierdere pe retur ≥12 dB
Putere 100-240VAC(-+10%), 50Hz, consum 25W
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