Filtru Multimedia MDB 02


High quality full band multi-media data branch for TV and cable modem application
Grounding port provided
Provided high rejection for reject interference between TV & Cable Modem
Ideal for current indoor two-way cable modem application
RFI shielding and zinc alloy die-casting case with nickel plated

  • The high isolation between data and TV ports at reverse band prevents tuner from saturation
    caused by strong uplink signals.

  • The strong uplink signal travels along the low frequency path, instead of through the tap,
    thus a lower loss compared to splitter or tap is obtained to improve the reverse path
    communication. In addition, the inter-modulation problem caused by the ferrite material
    is totally solved by the built-in diplexer.

  • With the built-in diplexer, the cable network is kept from TV set’s IF leakage interference
    and ingress from subscriber end.