Modulator CATV E8600


  Totaly Microprocessor Controlled with Self-Diagnostic Monitoring
  Selectable Output video modulation depth
  Selectable Output deviation of the sound subcarrier
  Selectable Output Channels
  Standard Cable Channels 1 through 57 (47 MHz-866.25 Mhz)
  Aditional Channels 1 trough 43
  Automatic +/-12.5KHz or +/- 25.0 FCC Offset
  SAW Filtered IF Designed for Adjacent Channel Operation
  +113 dB µV Output Using Low-Distortion Hybrid Amplifiers
  Non-Volatile Channel Selection
  Synthesized Oscillators Crystal Referenced Phase Locked
  Bar Graph Modulation and LCD Construction
  Front Panel Selects Standard or HRC Output
  Surface Mount Technology Construction
  Phase Lock Loop FM Audio
  Sound Carrier Level Adjustable 12 dB to 20 dB
  Video Delay Predestortion Network Meets FCC 73.687
  Non-Volatyle Memory Retains Channel After Power Loss

Output Frequency 47-866.25 MHz
Output Level +113 dBµV
Output Range 20 dB
A/V Ratio Audio carrier -20 to 13 dB
Broadband Noise -60 dB typical
Frequency Stability ±3kH
Output Impedance 75 ohm
Audio Carrier Frequency 4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5 MHz Adjustable
Broadband Noise -60 dB typical
Output Reject Loss 16 dB min
Video modulation Depth 87,5 % type
In-Chanel C/N 65 db typical
Input Level for 87,5% 1p-p manual gain adjustment
Differential Gain Loss than
Differential Phase Less than
L/C Delay Within 45 nsec
Frequency Response 20 Hz to 6.0 MHz
Modulation Range 72,5 90%
Video IF Output Frequency 38 MHz
Audio IF 31,5 MHz
Input Impedance 75 ohm, return loss 26 dB minimum
Input Level 0,4 Vpp for 25 kHz Peak
Deviation -10 to +40 dB manual gain adjustment and front panel
Pre-Emphasis 50m Sec
Input Impedance 600 ohms unbalanced
Audio IF 31.5 mHz