Modulatoare CATV C78


  Parametrii de functionare modulatoare CATAV C78
Output Frequency MHz 48.5~550
Output Level dBµV ≥110 (20 dB Adjustable)
Out-of-Band Rejection dB ≥62
Rejection Adjacent Channel dB ≥45 (Fp=1.25MHz)
Output Impedance ohm 75
Output Return Loss dB ≥14
Frequency Accuracy KHz ±5
Video Modulation Depth % 87.5
Video Frequency Response dB ±1(30Hz~5.5Hz)
Video To Noise Ratio dB ≥53
Differential Gain % <=3
Differential Phase º <=3
C/L Delay ns <=40
Video Audio Carrier
Frequency Increment
MHz 6.5MHz±1.0kHz
Video/Audio Carrier Ratio dB 10~20 Adjustable
Max Audio Freq-offset KHz 50
Audio Frequency Response dB &plusmn1.5 (40Hz~15kHz)
Audio To Noise Ratio dB ≥55
Audio Distortion % <=1
Power Voltage V ~220±15%(50Hz)
Power Consumption VA 8
Dimension mm 483×109.5×44(19″)